Sep. 18, 2018

Uncommon Valor Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

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Ten years after his son went M.I.A. in Vietnam, U.S. Marine retired Colonel Jason Rhodes assembles a private rescue team to find Americans held in P.O.W. camps in Laos.

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original title: Uncommon Valor

genge: Action,Drama,Thriller,War

imdb: 6.4

duration: 1h 45min

tags: Seven men with one thing in common...

budget: $14,500,000

keywords: vietnam, vietnamwar, posttraumaticstressdisorder, missinginaction, prisonerofwarcamp, bangkokthailand, 1970s, prisonerofwar, vietnamveteran, basedontruestory, fathersonreunion, rescue, colonel, marine

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A group of Vietnam War veterans re-unite to rescue one of their own left behind and taken prisoner by the Vietnamese. Led by his father (a retired Marine Colonel) and supported by a rich businessman whose son is also a P.O.W., the group engages in a dangerous and violent adventure trying to rescue the P.O.W.s, and at the same time, re-direct their lives. Ten years after his son went M.I.A. in Vietnam, U.S. Marine retired Colonel Jason Rhodes assembles a private rescue team to find Americans held in P.O.W. camps in Laos. Gene Hackman plays Colonel Rhodes, a frustrated veteran who rounds up a gang of the roughest men he can find, all to lead an invasion of a Vietnamese Prisoner of War camp at which he believes his son is still held captive. Seemingly far-fetched plot isn't as overblown as one might think, while the cast gives great, solid, and most of all believable performances, including Patrick Swayze, Fred Ward, and Randall "Tex" Cobb. Includes a high energy action-filled climax. Recommended for fans of gritty war-dramas. Besides, it's always interesting to see Tex Cobb doing a ballet improvisation. Other than a little rough editing/directing this movie is my all-time favorite.......the only movie I ever choked up on and the only one I've ever owned.......I think Gene Hackman is great, but Reb Brown and Randall "Tex" Cobb really stood out in this movie for me. I think the biggest problem was that it was too short and didn't completely live up to it's potential........I wanted it to last longer! The basic idea of Uncommon Valor is so interesting that it's all they can do to make a routine formula movie out of it. But they do. Yes, the concept that American prisoners of war were still being held in Southeast Asia was extremely prevalent in the early 80s (the Vietnamese communists not releasing some French prisoners until 16 years after the Indo-China war). It was taken seriously enough that ex-Green Beret Colonel Bo Gritz organised a private rescue mission (on which this film is based) but was persuaded to call it off by the US government who were organising their own rescue attempt using the Delta Force. In his autobiography former Delta Force member Eric Haney (writer and co-creator of the series The Unit) states that this mission was effectively scuppered when Gritz held a news conference revealing his own efforts in order to draw attention to the issue. Gene Hackman's character is widely thought to be based on Gritz whilst Robert Stack's is based on Texan billionaire Ross Perot who was deeply involved in the Vietnam MIA/POW campaign. In 1993 a meticulous inquiry by Vietnam war veteran Senator John Kerry and former Vietnam Prisoner of War Senator John McCain concluded there was no proof of any prisoners being retained in Southeast Asia after the end of the conflict and the subsequent opening up of Vietnam following the collapse of the Berlin Wall has not revealed any evidence of US servicemen being held against their will.


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