Sep. 20, 2018

Astroboy 720p

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This show is about a robot boy who fights crime and other robots not mega man

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original title: Astroboy

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Family,Fantasy,Sci-Fi

imdb: 7.4

duration: 30min

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This show is about a robot boy who fights crime and other robots not mega man There are levels of Japanese Anime in my book. The upper level is what is being shown today that I don't think children should watch, but they do. Another level is the Adult Japanese Anime which children should watch..but they do. Then there is the 60's/70's Japanese Anime which every child should have a chance to see.

Astro Boy was my best friend. Every week on Wee-Willy Webber's Wonderful Cartoon Club, a local Philadelphia Children's show, we were treated to imported Japanese Anime, and Astro Boy was the first.

Forget Pinnochio, Astro Boy is what children can identify with. And besides, it didn't talk down to children either. The story (spoiler) is simple: A man loses his son in a car accident, he is so hearbroken that he builds a robot that looks like his son. He gets disappointed and sells his son to a robot fair. A scientist gets ahold of him, and the adventures begin. It's been years, but that is the gist of it.

This series has EVERYTHING for a child to grasp: robots, monsters, action. Not too violent, but it has its moments, Astro Boy is out to always save the day. And why not, he's very much equipt for it. Excellent Introduction to Children's Japanese Anime ages 5 on up.

A personal note: When I was watching A.I.-- I thought of Astro Boy many times than not throughout the film. Note to Speilberg: Ya shoulda done this one, it's up your alley and what you were actually looking to do. Now that I've had the opportunity to experience, once again (for the first time since my childhood), the joys of this groundbreaking series, I must say I'm even more impressed by it now than when I was a kid. My heart soars when I listen to the theme song (sung by a children's choir, if memory serves) and I'm whisked away through time and space to those "early days of yesteryear" when anime was just aborning. Osamu Tezuka's MIGHTY ATOM withstands the test of Time. For otaku like myself (fans from Way Back), this series is a must-have. Subsequent ASTRO BOY shows, while all worthwhile, can't touch the original for charm. Tezuka's little mandroid inspired my own ghost-kid comic book character, ASTRAL BOY. (ASTRO BOY, like PINOCCHIO, longs to be human; ASTRAL BOY longs to rejoin the living.) One of the great things about this re-release on DVD are the extras, which include behind-the-scenes features on Tezuka's production company, interviews with Fred Ladd, and several of the original Japanese-language episodes (including at least one in color). ASTRO BOY's final episode brought me to tears when I was a kid... and had me dabbing at my eyes when I saw it again just recently. ASTRO BOY endures.


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